Our annual West Coast Swing Event, Swing Escape, Port Stephens.

We run 4-week courses perpetually. Please check if not sure, and book via text on 0418 679 048.

You can attend a once off on weeks 1, 2 and 3.

Course start dates


November 14th, 21st, 28th, 5th Dec.

2020 we re-commence Jan 30th.

What West Coast Swing looks like

Please note: If you cannot make all 4 weeks in a row thats ok- you may attend week 1, and or 2, and or 3 on their own. However, please note, week 4 we teach a starter step and link the previous 3 weeks together so week 4 is not for first-timers. You are welcome to watch.

Every Thursday night. Air-conditioned venue with very tasty meals available.

Much more than dance lessons; a great night out and a whole new social world!

6:30pm– Doors open & social music on.

6:45pm– Introduction to West Coast Swing

7:00pm– 35 minute beginner class- level 1

4 song break- help available

7:50pm– 35 minute level 2 class (beginners who coped with level 1 are welcome)

4 song break- help available

8:40pm– 30 minute level 3- must be approved to attend- minimum of 12 weeks of experience needed, but assessed on an individual basis.

9:15pm – 9:55pm Freestyle dancing.

West Coast Swing (WCS) is an ultra-smooth social swing dance, originating in California, USA. It is characterised by it’s sense of fun, rhythmic footwork, freedom to improvise for both leaders and followers, and it’s beautiful smooth elastic look and feel. It captures a great range of music, including, RnB, Blues, Soul, Soft Rock, and Pop.

West Coast development is being driven by regular visits from numerous visiting professional US champions inspiring growing pockets of dancers nationwide.

It is for many, a natural progression from Modern Jive, for those who want to progress their general dance technique and musicality.

Now is the best time to get involved in the growth of this beautiful dance style.

WCS offers a lifetime of challenge and social fun.


We look forward to seeing you on the floor.

The Cost

Text 0418679048 to book in advance and check course dates.

Standard pricing

$40 for 4 week course

$15 per casual visit.

$70 for 5-night pass (3 month expiry).

$120 10-night Pass (5 month expiry).

The Venue

Kahibah Sports Club, 63 Kenibea Ave, Kahibah

Any questions please call me on 0418 679 048 or email