How do I pay for classes post-covid

Posted 14/02/2021 - by dancevibe in Important News!

Post-covid class registation
Online registrations through danceconvention are quick and easy, particularly once you have a danceconvention account. You can pay via credit card (viaPayPal) or bank transfer. If you need any help please ask.
Why no cash payments at the door
The rationale is two-fold;
1- to adhere to our hygeine policy
2- we need tickets paid for before a particpant’s place is confirmed. Registration confirmation helps us manage lead/follow balance, which we are trying to adjust carefully, so any ratios remain relatively even, to add to your enjoyment.
We suspect online registrations will continue for some time. We understand some may be resistant to change but we warmly encourage you to embrace the new normal and enjoy all that we have to offer. It is easy and quick.