Update 26th September 2020

Posted 27/09/2020 - by dancevibe in Important News!

Hi all,
Hope you are well.
So, here we are 6 months on, no dancing, something none of us would’ve imagined. Of course, life goes on and some time to do other things can be a nice change. That said, I am sure many of you are keen to hit the floor, I know I am! I miss in particular, losing myself in the music, the floor play, seeing the happy faces, and soaking up the social vibe.
We have been monitoring the Covid-19 situation over time. It seems to be going well on the whole recently, and Newcastle is travelling nicely. When looking at resuming we need to consider at least the following; what is allowed in terms of the government (e.g. max 20 per class), what is allowed at each venue (what activities are allowed/numbers/standing or seated etc), the student demand, what is financially viable, and an overall risk assessment. When we do come back we need to make sure we are Covid safe, and the risk is minimised for all of you.
As for venues, I was advised recently that Kahibah Sport Club is still seated only, so other than chair dancing that rules us out! The Macedonian Cultural Centre are meeting September 28th to review Covid risks and how they will be moving forward. They will update me after that. Once I know what they require and what they can allow, we can then make a call on whether we can resume or not, and if so, when and how.
We do have a tentative plan for resuming, including comprehensively managing the safety aspect. Again, I am sure plenty of people are keen to get back on the floor.
Solo Routine
We do intend to teach the solo routine when circumstances allow. The key consideration there at the moment is where and when do we perform it. Restrictions are significant for large events. We have some tentative ideas but again we need to find out more from our Wednesday venue and with up what we can do.
Sea Breeze
Unfortunately, primarily due to limited class/workshop numbers Sea Breeze can’t go ahead. Please send account details (name, account number and BSB) via email to dancevibe@yahoo.com.au and I will refund you. I was really looking forward to being at Shoal Bay again. Hopefully we can try again in the future.
Events Generally
Events are currently on hold and the situation is being monitored.
Rest assured, thanks in major part to Maryanne, we have lots of procedures in place ready for a careful and considered return. We have a tentative plan to resume and look forward to re-opening. We all look forward to seeing you on the floor as soon as we can do so.
I anticipate sending another news letter out and a face book update about classes/events this week, hopefully with more solid details.
Take care and stay safe!
Adrian and the danceVibe team