Learn at Home Solo routine

Posted 10/05/2020 - by dancevibe in Important News!

We are super-excited to have US Champ Arjay Centeno choreograph our 2020 solo routine! This is for ladies AND gents. Arjay is a talented choreographer and very experienced with solo and team routines and is super keen to help as keep dancing during Covid-19 Iso.

The routine caters to all levels.

The end goal is a team performance at our 2020 15th Anniversary Ball, end of November at Newcastle Town Hall. Or just learn to for fun, or personal dance development or bit of dance exercise. Anyone is welcome to join.

Cost is $70. This, includes over an hour of instruction by Arjay over 4 private youtube videos and 4 polishing sessions with Bec and Adrian.

When we can, we will schedule in the 4 x 2 hour sessions with to bring it all together and polish ready for performance at our 15th anniversary ball end of November! Please note, a hall hire contribution will be $5 a head for each of the polishing sessions.

Routine song below. (The final song is cut down and provided at two speeds to help practice).


Once you register and payment is confirmed, you will receive the videos and the songs via email. Of course, please don’t share, these are for your eyes only.

Performances are optional, but most of you will want to be part the team journey!

A great way to keep dancing in your life, to exercise and to work towards a community goal. I can’t wait to celebrate and enjoy this routine when we can in person together!!

Any questions please contact me.

Register and pay here-