Multi-pass credits post Covid-19 (no refund policy)

Posted 18/03/2020 - by dancevibe in Important News!

When Covid-19 hit in March 2020, as you probably know we unfortunately had to postpone all classes and events. This was out of our control due to the major health risks and the government legislation prohibiting dancing. This was a hard time for many dance studios, including having to wear financial losses from cancelling of events and various ongoing costs. The community suffered through social disconnection. Some studios may not return. Our goal is to bring the community back together and keep on dancing, safely for many years to come.

To ensure providing credits rather than giving refunds was the appropriate course of action have spoken in detail to the ACCC and Department of Fair Trading. We were advised unequivocaly that credits were the appropriate course of action and no refunds are due. 

If we were to provide refunds it would have major impact on the financial viability of our dance business and on the viability of the dance community going forward. Dancing is much more than a business- it brings people together and changes lives and we want to keep that alive.

As a choice, not a legal obligation, we did refund Swing Escape and Sea Breeze registrants where requested due to the uncertainty of when those events may resume.

As for class multi-passes we have a strictly no refund policy so please don’t ask.

Classes resumed in March and credits can now be applied, which is wonderful news.

Please note, we were advised if students deem it unsafe to return that is a personal choice, but given dancing is allowed to be back according to NSW Health risk assessment that even under circumstances where students deem not too risky the no refund policy still applies.

Thanks for your understanding. We look forward to lots of great dancing ahead.