West Coast Swing 1st-timers’ Special

Posted 15/06/2019 - by dancevibe in Important News!

1st night free trial – then pay $30 for weeks 2,3, and 4.
That’s $30 for 4 weeks!! (1st time West Coast Swing attendees).
Our next 4 week beginners’ course starts on Thursday July 25th.
 Kahibah Sports Club.  First night please arrive 6.30pm.
A great opportunity to learn this super-fun dance style.
Its a fantastic venue, cool music, and lots of genuine, decent, good-hearted and fun-loving people.
Book by texting me on 0418 679 048.
Absolute first-timers and those with two left feet welcome!
Great food available in the bistro too. Why not make a night of it?
It’s much more than a dance lesson, its great night out, every night!
Why not bite the bullet. Remember you do not grow inside your comfort zone…..!!
Picture of our local annual West Coast Swing event with some of the best teachers in the world.
What to do next?
Please text me (Adrian) on 0418 679 048 and let me know you intend to come to this for the first time.
More in formation about the course?
If you are a first-time visitor please turn up 6:30pmish on your first night, (July 25th) to register and then participate in our 6:45pm warm-up/drill pre-class. Subsequent weeks 6.45pm is fine.
At 7pm – 7:35pm we teach the main level 1 beginners’ class.
After a 4-5 song break, around 7:50pm we teach level 2 a couple of fun variations on the basics from the previous class. Beginners are welcome at level 2.
As well as the classes we offer support from our team in the 15 min breaks after the first and second class.
On week 2 and 3 there is no need to get there at 6:30pm, simply turn up for the 6:45pm intro to the night’s rhythms and warm up drills.
Week 4 week we teach you the starter step and we put all weeks together in a fun easy routine so you can dance socially. Then we do a progressive/pass the party dance- always fun!
Complimentary Video Support
Free video support for each week- just text me after class on 0418 679 048 and I will send you the moves.
We hope you make the most of this opportunity. We know dancing can change lives and hope you can be part of it. We are proud of the community of dancers we have developed and are keen to help you master the dance.
See you on the floor soon!