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Video testimonial from a very new beginner

Feeling inspired. Thank you Adrian Doczy for organising the best dance event I have ever attended. Special mention for the Friday Intensive on dance posture and technique. I’m hoping Robert, Brandi and John are there next year. If they are the Friday is valuable for any Health professional who treats dancers, and dance teachers of any form. Wendy

Adrian.. I can’t thank you enough for this weekend. This was the first opportunity I’ve had to truly experience a dance event and I can’t even begin to tell you the impact it’s had. I’ve walked away feeling like a dancer again and finally feeling like I’m part of this community. The experience you’ve created at Swing Escape is truly magic and I hope you take a moment to feel so proud of yourself! Zoe

I must say,  it was your best Swing Escape so far. What an enormous trial for finding the venue but you achieved a stunning result,  best so far.  This venue is probably unsurpassable.  Fabulous !!   Brandi got her water too 16 from Canberra,  lets see if we can do as well next year.  Our frequent class attendees is only about double this number. You deserve a decent rest.On behalf of us, thanks so much, Trevor.

Thank you Adrian Doczy for another superb weekend! The effort that you and the rest of the staff put in make this an event that I keep coming back to each year because I enjoy it so much! Thank you to each and every one of the people I danced with. Thank you again to Bronwen Evans for being my roomie and for providing the music ? And thank you to John Lindo, Brandi Guild and Robert Royston for sharing your wisdom and your moves!!!! Sonia

Woohoo won my first ever trophie! This weekend I competed in my first West Coast Swing Competition! I had the most amazing weekend at Swingescape in the beautiful Port Stephens. My mind is blown at the endless amount of information, techniques and drills learnt in the workshops taught by 3 of the best WCS all Stars. Thankyou so much Emma Keating and Rhys Fallavollita for convincing me to go, being the best company & and making this awesome! Thankyou so much Zac Skinner for being an amazing All OZ partner, I can’t believe I got you & that we came first! Thanks for making the dance so much fun and letting me play with the music. An awesome weekend of dance! Rachel 

It was fabulous! Teaching from the best of the best, excellent location, good friends and lots of dancing!!……….

Had an amazing weekend in Port Stephens for Swing Escape. Incredible job Adrian on the event (the beach bonfire till sunrise was a nice touch). Definitely looking forward to another great event with incredible friends Jp 

Just got home after what was an amazing SwingEscape 2019! Thanks Adrian and all the support staff and volunteers for having us there this year! It’s been a whirlwind weekend full of some awesome learning, dancing growth and time with friends. Brandi, Royston and John Lindo were so inspirational, the venue was beautiful, the music was sensational and congratulations to all the competitors this weekend! Credit to Dan Yamamoto for some amazing pics! Maddie 

Swing Escape 2019 – first time for me and big thanks to Adrian Doczy, Maryanne And-Vic Dechnicz, Wayne & Louise Carstens and the rest of the danceVibe team for organizing such a great weekend of dancing fun.  

Having the opportunity to learn from Robert Royston, Brandi Guild & John Lindo was ahhhhmazing. Inspired and looking forward to continuing to do my bit for the growth of West Coast Swing on the Gold Coast. Emma.

Driving home (thanks Virgin Australia) from an amazing weekend at Swing Escape 2019! Massive thank you to Adrian, Maryanne And-Vic and the entire team for such a fabulous event. Brandi, Royston and John Lindo, thank you for the outstanding teaching, feedback, entertainment and being so inspirational. Thanks O-Town (Oliver) for drawing me in JnJ xo Credit to Dan Yamamoto for taking amazing pictures all weekend (buddy you’re stupid talented) Kylie 

Yep when Robert and Brandi started speaking I thought thank you for describing posture and movement so accurately and yet simply. Then as the morning continued I thought damn he knows so much more than me on a subject (posture) that I speak about and use professionally every working day. The day was so rewarding ?? Wendy

KBD on tonight!!!! The KBD crew is feeling incredibly excited and inspired after an amazing weekend at SwingEscape. We all did Robert and Brandi’s intensive which was absolutely AMAZING! So many new concepts and techniques to share with the class. ? Doors open at 7pm. BYO food and drinks. See y’all on the dance floor! Kat


All I can say about others’ posts is how much I agree! Swing Escape 2018 was magnificent and one of my life’s great experiences. The teaching by Robert, Brandi and John was…I am actually struggling to find the right superlative…like the perfect path I needed to improve my dancing and enjoy it more. People, how lucky were we to receive a visit from these elite teachers? We will never forget it.

….all my gratitude and appreciation to Adrian, Maryanne And-Vic, Jenny, Louise, Wayne, Cheyin and the rest of the merry Newcastle crew for what was obviously a huge amount of hard work organising an event which went smoothly and where everything had been thought of. 10 out of 10 to you all!

I didn’t want Swing Escape to end, and I’ll look forward all year to 2019. Best wishes everyone!


I just had the best weekend of my life, with countless friends. Yeeehaaaa! Last year I did every event except AO, and SWING escape was my favourite. This year it is again, have the three pros we had nailed it. The accommodation also allowed for a more communal vibe, which I enjoyed. Additionally I loved the content, what was spoken, the hard truths, the raw feels and thoughts of each pro. It all just made it.

An outstanding event. Thank you so much to you and your team for making it amazing every year. I could say lots of nice things, but the best compliment I can give is to say that I recommend your event to my friends and also to new dancers who are trying to figure out which events they should go to.

Clair c

I had an awesome time at Swing Escape over the weekend, thanks Adrian for putting on a great event. I was also completely humbled to win the Intermediate JNJ with the amazing Reasmey in what was our first ever dance together (the spotlight!!) and my first Intermediate final (which was much less scary thanks to you). You were such a pleasure to dance with and hit everything. ????? And finally thank you CJ for being an awesome partner to dance with in the All Oz. I had a blast and so proud of how we did in a ridiculously competitive field!!

Charles p

Thinking about the awesome event that is Swing Escape, I just wanted to say this… Thank you to all of the wonderful leads with whom I had the pleasure of dancing. Thank you especially to Alan Moody for the wonderful dances during our Jack and Jill. Thank you to AdrianDoczy, Maryanne And-VicDechnicz, Amber and the rest of the crew for such awesome event management. Thank you to the RAdeladians for their cheering and support. Thank you to Bronwen Evans, Joey Gerlach and Marisa Nowicki for being my apartment buddies and thank you to the teachers, most notably John Lindo, Robert Royston and Brandi Guild for imparting their wisdom and demonstrating that no matter how fantastic you are, you are never too good to dance with anybody.


Packed up and on the road to home with my magnificent travel companions after the most fantastic dance weekend… highlights? Well… ALL of my social dances, competing intermediate level for the first time and not freaking out, winning the All Oz with Brady Stanton (he totally led all that ? ), and dancing Blues and Country Two Step around the fire pit to the most incredible live musician. Thank you to Adrian and everyone who made this – again – an incredible event.

Stephanie Brown

Just had an awesome time at Swing Escape! There was a great vibe, lots of nice dancing and everyone looking to enjoy themselves.It was also a great learning experience (with a lot more things to work on…) and just so much passion from the teachers. There is just so much experience (and humour 🙂 ) between them and it shows. Having them care enough to say to us where we should be improving and how we can get there was really good to hear. It was just so much of what I want from a dance event and I’m definitely keen to come again.

Thank you Adrian and the DanceVibe team for a wonderful weekend. I am incredibly grateful for the time and effort that you all put in to make an amazing west coast swing weekend. I was privileged to see some of the behind the scenes effort from team members and the dedication they have for the Newcastle (and broader) dance community. Whilst it all looks so seamless I got a glimpse of, and an in awe of, all the cogs working away on the background. Thank you to the incredible teachers John, Brandy and Robert. Even as a newbie I had multiple light bulb moments about both my technique and style and will make sure I follow up and consolidate this learning with practice. Thank you especially to the leaders who I was lucky enough to share dances this weekend. Robert and Brandy talked about the importance of encouraging and including newcomers to the west coast swing community and I can say first hand that this is definitely happening in Australia. I felt supported and cared for at all times. So thanks to all the #wombatbutts for ‘crushing’ the dance floor with me.

Kate L

It has taken me a full week to recover from the awesomeness that was Swing Escape 2018. Adrian, Maryanne And-Vic Dechnicz thank you to you and your entire team for everything you have done and continue to do. This event was everything and more. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to vote for the Leanne Landels, Spirit of Swing Escape Award. This award is rightly named after an inspiration within our dance FAMILY. It was a complete shock to be awarded this, and I am humbled you all think so highly of me, I love this dance, and I adore our community. You all made me cry out of gratitude and happiness. Leanne thank you for everything you have done and continue to do, you inspire me and showed me how amazing this community can be.

John Lindo and Robert Royston were already the perfect teach duo last year. Their knowledge and expertise is out of this world, and Brandy was a piece of the puzzle no one realised was missing. To hear how supportive, informed, passionate and serious they all take this dance and their roles within it was inspirational. The content of each work shop was phenomenal and I have come away with fountains on content to practice, and the passion to learn more.

The horses, nature, the stars, late night BBQs, the bar, bean bags hell the hammocks and most importantly the ease in which everyone at the venue helped one another was incredible. I loved the ballroom and perfect it was, enabling us to all have space yet feel so connected.

Last year I attended every event on the Australian circuit except one, and Swing Escape was my favourite. This year you have won my heart again.

This is the first event that comes to mind when people ask me which one they should attend, and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for 2019.

Love to all my homies I shared with, Lea especially for helping to organise sleeping arrangements you all rocked my world to some degree over the course of the weekend.

These inspirational men and women for the conversations, and cuddles.

( Chris, Chris, Marsha, Terrence, Robert, Laura, Tarlia and Justin)……

Love to you all


Had a blast at Swing Escape last weekend and had time to process the event. Adrian Doczy and the Dancevibe crew you held a fantastic event and I enjoyed it greatly. To Robert, Brandi and John your workshops and discussion where amazing.  To Cindy Baldwin all the hard work you put in to winning the novice comp you earned that… Grant Walker thank you for the way you took care of Cindy in the final, it was awesome to watch. To Stephanie Brown congrats on the All Oz win with Brady Stanton. To all Perth westies congratulations on your various places and for representing our state.

Adam Baldwin

Well it’s been a week and already miss the amazing vibes of swing escape and the great people that make the event what it is. Thanx to the swing escape team for a memorable and fun filled weekend. This one of course will always hold an extra special place in my heart after my amazing dances with the truely incredible Grant Walker in finals and receiving our first place. Thankyou for been a gentlemen of a leader. Recommend this event for everyone you will have the best time. Look forward to more wombats, beavers and expensive pigeons in 2019. ??

Cindy Baldwin

Thank you to Adrian Doczy and our Newy west coast swing team for a great weekend. You did it again ?.   Well done! Thank you also to Robert Royston, Brandi Tobias and John Lindo for your expertise delivered exceptionally well.. so much fun and laughter. Thank you also to those pros and more advanced dancers who took the time to offer words of encouragement and support to a very “mature” novice in helping find a “fit” in this arena. To the achievers over the weekend.. well done! You are all deserving and awesome. Deb

By the way, the food was fabulous…so fresh, healthy and tasty, and I was also very satisfied with the accommodation.  The only thing missing was a real coffee machine!


I think the awesome level of Swing Escape went through the roof this weekend!! congratulations to Adrian and everyone on the team for making Swing Escape the amazing event that it is. It seriously just gets better every year!! Amber Pauley

Such a great event! Shoal Bay will need to expand if this keeps up!
Everything was amazing, keep up the great work. Terrence Voss

Your attention to detail for Swing Escape has been phenomenal! Thank you so much for creating an awesome vibe that included every level of every attendee. That’s a huge feat! I had the most amazing time. From watching, learning, participating, laughing and socialising with many wonderful people from Newy friends to ‘new’ friends. Loved it. Sandra Dowley.

It has been a few days to recover, and possibly still need some more sleep, but I must say, I Had such an amazing time at Shoal Bay Swing Escape 2017 and Robert Royston Intensive!!!
Congratulations to Adrian, Maryanne And-Vic Dechnicz and the whole team for an impeccable event!! The chilled vibe, amazing dances, great and supporting format was unique, and that’s not even talking about the stunning location!! I’ll definitely be going back, and probably so will you, because let’s face it it was absolutely awesome!! Kevin Lawrence

As a first timer to this event it is clear Adrian to see how dedicated you are to creating an event that is inclusive of all dancers at every level. I believe this is the event’s best achievement. Having the dance card dances right at the start was a great way to make first contact with, and dance with many people in one night, especially for someone who doesn’t know many people yet. I had such a great time and learnt so much! I felt privileged to have experienced such an amazing quality of workshops at my first weekender. Many thanks to you and all your team. Lea Genlik

Wow wee. What fun!!!!!
Amazing to watch n listen to you two very talented and entertaining gentlemen, and so so love n appreciate the dances. It inspires me to improve……a lot!!!!
Your teachings, along with our dedicated teachers, transcend to amazing ‘conversations’ on the dance floor with very kind gentlemen, and the feeling of ‘ahhhh this is why I looooove this dance’. The dance high!!!!
So thankyou thankyou thankyou.Louise Carstens

Such an amazing event Adrian – thank you so much for all the hard work that you and your team put into organising it – I can’t wait for next year’s! Shane Butler

Swing Escape was amazing; had a fantastic weekend. Thanks Adrian Doczy and his hard working support team for bringing it all together effortlessly…..or so it seemed to us attendees. No doubt there would have been months and months of planning etc but we saw the final result which in my opinion was CLEAN in its entirety… the whole event seemed to flow so smoothly without a hitch; very impressive. What an awesome weekend !!Mohini Eswaran

Finally home from the epicness that is Swing Escape 2017 – Adrian Doczy – thank you *so much* for this amazing event. I have felt horrifically distanced from my dance family over the past 8ish months as my ears have gotten worse and worse, preventing me from dancing really at all, but to catch up with friends both near and far was fab, in the relaxed welcoming environment that Swing Escape always is. Hillary Jones

Swing Escape is such a beautiful event for so many reasons the location is divine the atmosphere is second to none the teachers are exceptional in every way. The intensive with Robert Royston was beyond brilliant and workshop with John Tavares Lindo Katrina Branson, and Ani Fuller & RR were sensational , I didn’t get to do Peter Fradley & Michelle Fletcher workshops but we all know how fabulous they are. Thank you Adrian for allowing me to be part of the team and to judge and dance throughout the weekend . The SPIRIT of the weekend is so open and inclusive and I was blessed to be voted in for a second year running, I win more than any prize or trophy every year when I get to see and dance with so many of my friends in this community , to see everyone develop their skills and have the opportunity of a once in a lifetime experiences with the Pro’s in the lucky dip. It touches my soul every year !! I am humbled that Adrian would change the name of the award , that was so far above and beyond buddy ???. To all of the RR team who worked hard and danced hard I could not be more proud than I was on Saturday night. Thank you for an exceptional weekend Adrian Doczy with some of the most amazing individuals you will ever get to have in one room . Thank you for all of my dances both leaders & followers and thanks Wayne for an absolutely awesome floor !!! Swing Escape 2018 is a must !!!!!!

Leanne Lendels

thank you and Adrian Doczy thank you for putting on a sensational event and allowing us to perform and become part of it.

Allan Moody

Great event btw Adrian, has such an amazing weekend due to you and your staff ? JP

Such a fun weekend with the Adelaide crew this weekend! Especially loved the support everyone gave each other across the comps and social dancing. Thanks to all the Dancevibe team and staff. We’ll be back! Annmarie Stanton

I had the most incredible weekend at #swingescape. I have honestly never enjoyed a dance event so much in my life. Adrian I cannot thank you and your team enough for this event. It has filled me with so much happiness, love and confidence. I some how managed to fall in love with the dance even further. The pros were incredible, their knowledge and ability to convey such information in a way that was so lighthearted yet also ensuring everyone understood, was just astonishing. The work shops were the best I have ever attended. And I can assure you I’ll have no annual leave constrictions next year and I’ll be at Royston’s intensive.Thank you to the whole team, the staff the pros, every teachers at the event helping everyone to learn and grow this wonderful dance. It was a magical weekend.

Krystal Murphy

Swing escape jetlag ?
Worth it! The intensive was incredible, the workshops were invaluable, the social dancing was so much fun!SwingEscape was just incredible. Terrence Voss

For the first time in my life I’ve met two legends in the world of West Coast Swing – Robert Royston and John Lindo. I have no words to describe how much I loved their workshops! The intensive of “Godfather of WCS” is literally _the_best_ classes I’ve ever had at any event. I was amazed how profoundly everything was explained and taught, how technical & scientific (going from physics of the body, psychology…) and at the same time totally understandable it was – Robert’s knowledge and his ability to share it in such a way is simply beyond amazing. He gave me tons of material to work on.
Thanks a lot to Nathan for our 1st place in Intermediate JnJ. You rock!! Really enjoyed our dances 🙂
Many thanks to my dearest Krystal, Shane, Terrence and Charlotte – your hugs and words of support *before* and during the competitions are priceless! I am truly blessed to have friends like you.
Thanks a lot to my “wine and cheese afterparty” buddies – you know who you are 😉 And I’m super *kappy* to have spent time with you – it was a great fun! 😀 Can’t wait to repeat again ^^
Social dancing was great, music was my favorite (DJs, you guys are cool). A big thank you to all wonderful leaders I got a chance to dance with =)
And finally, a huge thank you to Adrian and his team for organizing such an amazing event!! Those small bags with a “Swing escape fan” were cute (^ ^) and among many other things showed once again how deeply you care about the participants. No way I’m gonna miss your event next year!

Had such an amazing weekend at Swing Escape in Shoal Bay and what a great way to start my holiday!! Another intermediate point on the board ??
Congratulations Adrian Doczy and your event team for putting on a terrific event, I look forward to coming back next year!!
Raushaniya Maksudova

Best weekend ever!! Thank you so much for all y’all’s hard work! It totally paid off. ?? Kat Branson
Wow! So much to say about last weekend. It was definitely an awesome weekend full of firsts. From my first time getting into a semi-final to my first time in a spotlight – a Lucky Dip with the incomparable John Tavares Lindo, no less (the hugest thank you to you for making me feel at ease straight away) – to my first time driving over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A massive thank you to Bronwen and Jacquie, who put up with me in the room and the car. A big thank you to all of the RAdelaide crew for your support and cheering over the entire weekend including before, during and after the spotlight dance. To all of the leads who I had the pleasure of dancing with, including Krystal Smurphy (you beautiful creature), to those of you who offered words of wisdom and positivity and congratulations over the weekend and to Adrian Doczy and the rest of the crew (including the hilariously wonderful Robert Royston) for making SwingEscape the best experience. See you next year!

Sonia Zielinski

Janine Martin

Thankyou Adrian for an amazing time, this was my first Swing Escape and it definitely lived up to its reputation. I have only ever heard great things about your event and was so excited to be able to finally get there this year. I loved it every part and will certainly put it on my calander for next year.

Cindy Baldwin

Good on you Adrian. Who’d of thought you would be doing this and so successfully. Wow.
So much attention to detail, especially on providing a welcoming comfortable environment for everyone.
I know you put a huge amount of effort into making dance accessible to everyone – dance card, lucky dip, amd pros that support and encourage a kind spirited dance scene where we all dance and grow together. John and Robert represent on every level.
Congratulations to you Adrian. Fantabulous weekend. Louise Carstens

Dance Card

Honestly it’s an excellent idea, and Robert got right into it, trying to be as competitive as possible in filling up his card. James Patrick.

Its an awesome idea that promotes dancing with as many different people as possible, rather than just sticking to the same old friends – its really hard sometimes for newer dancers to get a look in on the social floor as understandably us humans return to the familar faces we have danced with before, but dance cards promote having a go with people whom you maybe have never danced with before and possibly wouldn’t otherwise in some cases

Hillary Jones

Thank you Adrian Doczy and the DanceVibe team for an amazing Swing Escape weekend! You get so many things right and they add up to create the most wonderful atmosphere.
It’s that magical combination of the venue, the staff, the music, the schedule, the hosting community and the visiting attendees that give Swing Escape its “secret sauce”.
I loved seeing my RADelaide family again and catching up with you all. I loved cheering on your many competition successes – congratulations on your results. Special mention to Sonia Zielinski… You know what you did 😉
I could write all night about the many wonderful moments of this weekend and special times shared with special people – you know who you are – but I will keep this short and sweet.
What better compliment or endorsement could I give than to say that I’ll be back and I’ll be encouraging my friends to come with me! Claire Casucci

Fantastic event Swingescape just gets better and better thanks Adrian Doczy and the crew you do a fantastic job, can’t wait for next year John Lindo and Robert Royston are the best, John Squibb

SwingEscape 2017 was without a doubt (in my humble opinion) the most memorable event for me so far this year!
Robert Royston’s Intensive was exactly that… INTENSE!
The man has so much knowledge of the dance and a different perspective was extremely refreshing!
All the workshops I attended were conducted with the utmost in professionalism but also were delivered in a way that I believe encompasses what SwingEscape is all about… To support and nurture ALL dancers of ALL levels in a fun, caring and supportive environment.
I would like to thank Adrian for asking me to be a part of the DJ team. To Maryanne And-Vic Dechnicz, Nikki Jayne and the rest of the DanceVibe Team, you should be extremely proud of what you have created over the last 4 years! It is definitely a unique event and I look forward with anticipation with what the future of the event holds! Justin Zadro

Home post a fab weekend at Swing Escape! Brilliant fun.. amazing teaching and great atmosphere! Well done Doczy & team on another successful year! Thanks John & Robert for sharing your knowledge and love of the dance and for your hilarity!..Kate Foster

What another amazing weekend of dancing, thank you Adrian Doczy and your team for putting on a great event, loved every minute of it. Amanda Garland

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