Swing Escape Location and Accomodation 2020

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Known by Newcastle locals as ‘the bay’, Port Stephens is such a beautiful spot, a favourite holiday destination for many. This year we feel very lucky to back in the bay, right near Little Beach (20 seconds drive), one beach around from Shoal Bay (90 second drive).

The area offers a variety of accomodation options to suit various tastes and budgets. Accomodation is at your own arrangement. We suggest you independently research as there is such a variety. The following are just ideas, not recommendations.

There are several places very close, including self-contained apartments 300 metres from the ballroom, towards Nelson Bay beach.

Ballroom Address is; Nelson Bay Wests, 88 Shoal Bay Rd, Nelson Bay NSW

Bay Breeze Loft Apartments.

The street address is 1 Trafalgar Street Nelson Bay.

If seaside is more your style then we can suggest the beach-view, Florentine Apartments, directly across the road from Little Beach. These apartments are 5 minutes walk (20 seconds drive) from the ballroom!

The street address is Columbia Close – anything in that street would work.

Just past those apartments directly across from Little Beach is

Halixfax Holiday Park

Some cabins have beach views too!

The street address is Beach Road, Little Beach.


Here’s two more- an easy 5 minute walk from ballroom and Little Beach.

The Admiral Motor Inn

The Peninsula Hotel/Restaurant

Cool Spots to Check Out Very Close By!

Literally on the water, at the southern end of Little Beach you will find a cafe/restaurant/bar-shown below. A lovely spot for a sunset drink. Definitely check this one out!


Little Beach Boat House

(les than 5 minutes walk from ballroom- bookings encouraged for meals)

Right near Halifax Holiday Park at the end of Little Beach you will find the Inner Tea Rooms, with spectacular views.

 Innerlight Tea Rooms

 (Right near Halifax Holiday Park)

For Shoal Bay diehards, you can visit the home of Swing Escape 2016 and 2017, via an easy 90 second drive! While you are there why not enjoy a drink or a meal at Shoal Bay Country Club, recently renovated and voted as one of the top 20 bars in Australia, according to Vogue.com.au check it out

If you drive in the other direction, you will find Nelson Bay Marina, heaps of shops and restaurants, which are less than 2 minutes drive.   

Other Accomodation Options

There are plenty of other accomodation options, including houses. You could try Stayz and Air BnB.  For those who want to look more widely for accomodation.

Please note the ballroom venue address is 

88 Shoal Bay Rd, Nelson Bay (Nelson Bay Diggers).

Rates for all accomodation at this time of the year are very competitive. Some budget conscious people shared an Air BnB at $25 a night per person, so its worth shopping around!

Please note our team members are not managing accomodation this year, so the choice and management is in your hands. That said, any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and we will do our best to help.

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