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Competitors Information
Please note, for time efficiency there are no competitor meetings. Instead, please read below. Your bib and competition details are provided at registrationYour bib has your number on one side & your name on the reverse side.

Please do not lose your bib! Replacement bibs are $10.

We suggest you bring your comp shoes, clothes bibs etc. to the workshops on Saturday morning, to save you a trip.

NB: You require your bib if you are competing on Sunday in the All Oz, so keep it please.
Tentative Competition Schedule
(Jack and Jill competition entry is $30, paid via danceconvention).
Invitational Friday night 10.15pm
Registrations close at 12.30pm
(Please be in Ballroom by 4.00pm)
Jack n Jill Heats Novice: 4.15pm
Jack n Jill Heats Intermediate
Jack n Jill Final Novice: (All-skate) Saturday 8:15pm
Jack n Jill Final Intermediate: (Spotlight and All-skate).
Jack n Jill Final Advanced (Spotlight) Straight to final
Jack n Jill All Star (Spotlight ) Straight to final
Registrations close at 1.00pm
All-Oz Sunday 7.15pm – $15 entry.
(All entry fees for All Oz returned as prize money for first 3 couples).
Lucky Dip J&J: Sunday Immediately after All Oz
(Leaders and followers randomly drawn to do a Spotlight with Pro team). Finished with a snowball to social dancing!
Dress Code: this is a street style dance & a relaxed casual weekend, so casual wear is fine, including jeans. Commonsense prevails – please be neat, tidy and presentable- club dress regulations apply.
Judging criteria is as follows: judges will be looking for (but not limited to) timing, teamwork & technique.
In JnJ heats you will be judged individually. Finals, you will be judged as couples.
JnJ judging will be by relative placement, as per World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) guidelines. WSDC points will be awarded in 2020.
The Judges decisions are final. Variation between judging is normal. It depends when they are watching you and there is always a an element of subjectivity. This is why we have multiple judges and use relative placement.
Bib Placement
Leaders: Please place your bib number on your upper back.
Followers: Please place your bib number on your lower back.
Please listen carefully for competitors instructions from our super-MC, Robert Royston.
If you are in the first heat for novice or intermediate could you please be in the ballroom at least 5 min prior to the heat time. If you are in subsequent heats please be in the ballroom as the preceding group head out on the floor.
Any questions please contact Maryanne or Amber.
As noted in schedule, finalists will be posted on-line via danceVibe website latest news,on our event page on facebook and on wall outside the ballroom.

Jack n Jill (World Swing Dance Council,WSDC)

Levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and tentatively we hope to do an All-star division again this year!!

Jack & Jill competitions provide an opportunity for dancers to challenge themselves and to show their lead and follow skills with randomly allocated partners.

Entry fee is $30 per person.

 All – Oz (non-WSDC)

(Allocated partner that you stay with the whole time)

(Non-refundable $15.00 entry, all All-Oz money is returned in cash prizes).

 Lucky Dip

No entry fee, and not judged. A unique opportunity to dance a spotlight with a pro!


As the name indicates, dancers must be invited to compete with key pro staff.

Mutual Support

Comps can bring with them excitement and celebration, but they can also bring nerves, disappointment, and self-doubt. We encourage all dancers to genuinely and warmly support and encourage each other throughout the competitions. We encourage you to be kind to yourself and others and not judge yourself or others on a single comp. It is a life long journey.

Don’t forget- mini-private comp feedback (15 minute sessions), based on a video of your performance are available. Book with John Lindo via Nikki J. You can also book this prior to comp for specific comp advice on how to maximise your chance of success.

We look forward to seeing as many people as possible out on the comp floor in 2020.

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