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Draft Schedule Swing Escape 2019

Jack n Jill (World Swing Dance Council,WSDC)

Levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and All-star (or Advanced/Allstar combined)

Jack & Jill competitions provide an opportunity for dancers to challenge themselves and to show their lead and follow skills with randomly allocated partners. Entry fee is $25 per person.

A dancer is deemed Novice if they have earned less than 15 Novice points and do not qualify otherwise for the Intermediate category.

A dancer is deemed Intermediate if they have already competed at the Intermediate level and hold Intermediate points but not enough to qualify for levels above Intermediate.  Dancers are also eligible for Intermediate level if they have earned 15 or more Novice points.

Advanced / All Star 
A dancer is eligible to compete at this level if they hold Advanced points or higher. Points are awarded at the Advanced level for this combined category.


 All – Oz (non-WSDC)

(Randomly allocated partner that you stay with the whole time) 

(Non-refundable $15.00 entry, all All-Oz money is returned in cash prizes).

 Lucky Dip

No entry fee, and not judged. A great chance to dance a spotlight with a pro!


As the name indicates, dancers are invited to compete with a randomly allocated partner from the invitee’s list. Competitors primarily compromise of the following; the American and Australian pros, Advanced and All-star dancers. Their is some discretion to invite other dancers who may be given an opportunity to shine. For example, at a previous Swing Escape a Novice dancer was invited up and they won!

We encourage all dancers to support and encourage each other throughout the competitions. Comps can be very exciting but also at times frustrating as there are a limited number of place getters and judging has an element of subjectivity. We encourage you to be kind to yourself and not judge yourself on a single comp.

Mini-private comp feedback sessions based on a video of your performance are available.

We do hope to run an All-star division if possible and a video analysis and critique workshops will be available.

We look forward to seeing as many people as possible out on the comp floor in 2019.

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