Benefits of partner dancing

Posted 05/05/2017 - by dancevibe in Important News!

Anecdotally, dancing significantly improves well-being and life satisfaction for many people. I have had countless heart-felt stories relayed to me about how people’s lives have turned around.
The benefits are backed up by some research too. Here are just some of the benefits; click here for an article.
Dancing combines mindfulness and movement. By themselves, or combined, these past times have countless health benefits. The community and partner aspects add a social connectedness component and involve human touch, both of which help maximise happiness and well being.
Add to those positive aspects; skill mastery, the associated cognitive stimulation and the opportunity for perpetual development and we have a large collection of fantastic health benefits.
How good is it to get better at something as your grow older…….!?
Interestingly, lead and follow dancing has unique benefits to the brain, with its the moment-to-moment decision making and focus on being at one with the music. In contrast, grinding out memorized moves, regardless of the music uses different brain pathways. The latter is lots of fun and a normal part of the learning process, but definitely has an expiry date for those wanting to have the most fun and progress beyond moves.
One of my life long pursuits is to help people improve there lives, including their thinking and the way they feel. I strongly encourage you to commit to dancing on a regular basis and notice the difference in your thoughts, feelings and your general outlook.
I do need to acknowledge my vested interest in partner dancing and my obvious bias towards it, but the benefits speak for themselves!
Please share any good news stories as these are inspiring for me and others.
Happy dancing, hope you can make it a life long experience.