Dance Boredom?

Posted 13/04/2017 - by dancevibe in Important News!

From time to time leaders tell me they are bored and they need more moves. Then they get more moves and they are still bored. Then they feel they need fancier moves but they get some of those too and they are still bored! And so the cycle continues until the penny drops;… the best and most enjoyable social dancing is not about moves at all, it is about creating and adapting movement to music with your partner!

Moves are simply a framework and whilst they are a necessary part of the learning process, particularly early on, if there is too much focus on moves it can limit fun for you and your partner and hamper improvement.

Leading simple moves well and adapting to the music with your partner creates a world of organic fun where no two songs ever have to be the same so boredom is a non-issue.

If you are bored in dancing, it is like getting bored in life, instead of blaming those around you, check your mind set, look honestly within and ask yourself what you can do to be less bored with yourself? Perhaps open your mind and consider what you can do to enhance the experience of others around you?

Walking around saying ‘I’m bored’ does not enhance the experience of others, nor will it help you enjoy your dance experience. Rather, taking responsibility, have an honest evaluation on your own dancing journey and shift your perspective- this can do wonders!

There is so much to learn for all of us, we are all students forever and social dancing has limitless options. 16 years in and I am enjoying dancing more than ever and you can too!