Dance Boredom?

Posted 13/04/2017 - by dancevibe in Important News!

Dance boredom

Leaders and the ‘more moves’ fallacy

From time to time leaders tell me they are bored and they need more moves. What they tend to communicate is, even after they get more moves and they are still bored. Then they feel they need fancier moves, but they get some of those too and they are still bored! And so the cycle continues until the penny drops;… the best and most enjoyable social dancing is not about moves at all, it is about creating and adapting movement to music with your partner!

If there is too much focus on moves it can limit fun for you and your partner and hamper improvement. Leading simple moves well and adapting to the music with your partner creates a world of organic fun where no two songs ever have to be the same so boredom is much less likely to occur.

I’m not getting anything from classes

This is another fallacy that can come into play if we feel we aren’t progressing. I have been dancing for 18 years and teaching for 14 of those. I have probably done more workshops and private lessons than most in our community. I know I can still learn something from any class I take.

If you are not sure how you can develop from classes please ask. No student is beyond learning in class. It’s more about mindset or not reaching the conscious incompetence stage of your learning journey.

Take responsibility

If you are bored in dancing, it is like getting bored in life, instead of blaming those around you, check your mind set, look honestly within and ask yourself what you can do to be less bored with yourself? Are you doing all you can to grow?

Perhaps open your mind and consider what you can do to enhance the experience of others around you? Shifting the focus to what one can give rather than what one can get, can be a game changer.

Your impact on your community

Walking around saying ‘I’m bored’ does not enhance the experience of others, nor will it help you improve the enjoyment of your dance experience. If you say you are bored you will be more likely to be and stay bored. This can negatively impact on what should be a positive escape, and a place to grow.

We have a wealth of experience in our team and they love to help. It is our responsibility to help you maximise your learning and enjoyment. Whatever you are going through our experienced team members can probably relate one way or the other!  Let us help support you! No doubt we can give you some valuable ideas to break to the next level of satisfaction and fun.

Stay solution focussed and draw on the many resources within the team.

External locus of control

It is so easy to blame others, or other external factors when things aren’t going well in our own life. This is the same in dance. I encourage you to have an honest evaluation on your own dancing journey, to show humility and shift your perspective- this can do wonders!!

Whilst dancing isn’t a forever thing for some, it can be an incredibly satisfying life long journey if you chose, regardless of what type of dancing you choose to do. Don’t forget to ask your self what it is that you liked/like the most about the journey and how it is you can ensure others have this similar experiences.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am happy to help you with ideas around; how you can break the boredom mind-set, how you can get the most out of group classes or workshops, how you can stay motivated and in turn continue to grow in dance and enjoy the journey.

If anyone you know is struggling, please give them a word of encouragement, and suggest they talk to a senior teacher. It is all too easy to jump on the bandwagon if we are having a bad day or if we are in a bad dance place ourself.

Ups and down in life an dance are normal, remember we have a choice with how we react to those times and how we influence others. That choice will have a massive flow on effect going forward. Choose wisely.