1st-timers Guide

Posted 13/12/2013 - by dancevibe in Important News!

Thanks for considering coming to danceVibe to learn to dance!

When first thinking about coming to a group class to learn to partner dance, it is easy to get the urge to give it a miss, and instead stay in the comfort of your own home. It is a little outside many people’s comfort zone. I am totally bias of course, but I strongly encourage you to do it anyway! It is a valuable skill and leads to a world of fun, confidence and social connection. Before you know it you will be up and dancing, and meeting a stack of interesting people from all walks of life!

It’s a life changing experience.

At danceVibe our team do their best to make your journey as comfortable as possible because we want you to succeed and share in the enjoyment.

We offer professional tuition, a high level of care and support and we love to have fun!

Key things to know about our dance nights

You can pay on a casual basis- no need to sign up for a course.

You can turn up any night (around 6:30pm is best to beat the crowd).

You do not need a partner- we teach in rotation.

We specialise in helping non-dancers to dance, so if you have two left feet you are in the right place!

We also cater for other levels, so as you grow, or if you already have other dance experience, we will keep you learning.

We offer up to 5 different levels of classes on a night! We are proud to go above and beyond to help you learn to dance because we are passionate about the styles we teach and the way we teach and believe wholeheartedly that it can improve life in so many ways. Above all we want you to succeed and to have FUN and to enjoy being part of the wonderful community we have built since 2005!

Before jumping on the main floor with everyone else we have a 15 minute fundamentals class that introduces you to the basics via an experienced teacher in a small group. This will help you transition more easily to the main beginners’ class. This is another part of our quality support system.

All danceVibe students have instant in-class access to video footage of class routines- Base Moves for beginners and both Intermediate classes, so all of us have a chance to refresh our moves, when we need them the most- on the night!

We spend a lot of time to ensure WE HAVE GREAT MUSIC. The music we play is the sort of music you may hear at weddings, parties, clubs and pubs, so our dance style is socially useful! It will change the way you look at social outings wherever music is played.

I still remember when I first started to dance- was it easy ? No. Was it worth it? YES YES YES! Again, I strongly encourage you to bite the bullet and try a class.

I am so so confident in what we deliver, that I will offer you a full refund at the end of your first night if you thought we provided anything less than a professional experience. So now you have nothing to lose, why not give it a try?

See you in class soon! Adrian and the team.

If you have any other questions please call me on 0418679048 or

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